We're the Telehealth Equity Coalition
Improving telehealth equity for all

We believe in the power of telehealth to transform communities.

          Our guiding values are: equity, inclusion, representation, accountability, collaboration, and innovation

We are driven to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare by increasing adoption of telehealth, especially among those communities who have been left out or left behind:
[Metropolitan communities]
[Suburban communities]
[Rural communities]

What will the Telehealth Equity Coalition do?

          Together with nonprofit, academic, and industry partners, the Telehealth Equity Coalition will offer a unique voice to optimize equitable telehealth delivery and utilization.
Learn from data
Taking a data-driven approach to identifying opportunities and advocating to improve telehealth policy
Share the knowledge
Developing a first of it’s kind open-source telehealth data dashboard and maps
Work together
Building a wide coalition of academics and supporters to advocate for greater access to telehealth. For a fuller look at our membership click here.
Hims & Hers Health National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved
Where we’re going we don’t need roads
[but we do need broadband internet]



People have inadequate or no health insurance
Nearly one-third of Americans face each day without access to care and the disparity of access to care is real.
Increase in telehealth users during 2020
Percent of consumers that now use telehealth
The median income rank for Mississippi, the state with the fewest telehealth claims
Number of years longer that high income earners live on average in the U.S.
Black households living below the poverty level
Rural areas lack access to high-speed broadband
A community map.

Advancing the solutions that address inequality in the telehealth system

          TEC will focus on meeting people where they are, rather than trying to force them into a system that doesn’t work for their lives.

Issues we will focus on:
Broadband and hardware access
Evidence and value based care
Digital and health literacy
Trust and accountability
Social determinants of health
Educating communities about telehealth in their own way
A map using a device for telehealth interaction.

Be part of the solution

           We are looking for people, organizations and academics who want to make a difference in people’s lives through the power of telehealth
Why consider joining
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You want to join multi-sector allies to help broaden the adoption of telehealth by all communities
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You want to add your voice to the health equity movement through supporting a data-driven approach to solving the health divide
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You want access to important health policy discussions and decision makers
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You could leverage intelligence on political and policy discussions with your organization to accelerate the adoption of telehealth
What does it mean to join?
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Adding your voice to important conversations about solving healthcare inequities and efforts to expand access to telehealth services
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Joining monthly meetings to review unique data findings and explore efforts to expand access to telehealth
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Collaboratively identify opportunities to increase access to and adoption of healthcare for all communities
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There is currently no mandatory financial commitment to join the coalition